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**For Cheiron Fans Only** - "Let's Make A Better World Teaser," and new songs

Started by Neal Sabel, July 07, 2017, 12:56:04 AM

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Neal Sabel

Dear Cheiron Fans,

Please take a listen to my new song, "Let's Make A Better World," its an amazing and love inspiring song about humanity coming together as one, produced in a very cool 80s and Cheiron style way - (shades of The Backstreet Boys and even Celine Dion).  I believe it sounds like something Kristian would produce and Max would write, (form the old school times), in my honest opinion.

Here is the teaser link:


The full song will be featured on my upcoming album, I'll inform you of the release date when its more near completion.  Finally, I got the new Yamaha Montage 8 Music Synthesizer (88 keys) and all the sounds you hear from the songs/showreel were crafted/programmed on it.  Expect even better sounds and production to come. 

Thanks for your support and I'll be back with more updates. 

Enjoy the new, revamped sound!!

Kind Regards,

Neal Sabel (Artist/Songwriter/Producer)


Well... That was... Expected, expected from someone who claims that an 80s sound is cheiron-ish. BTW, You could afford a Yamaha but not a microphone?


Bruh, you ain't Max. Stop putting vocals over your stuff, maybe focus on trying to be Per Magnusson first....

you need more acoustic piano, more refined layering in the pad synths, and much better bass/drum lines and mixing.

Neal Sabel

Right, that's it, I have had it with you people!  You seriously have no appreciation for amazing talent, seriously I mean wtf!!! I didn't wanna say it or for it to come to this but I AM BETTER THAN YOU'RE BELOVED MAX MARTIN!! I Write my own songs, Produce my own songs, mix my own songs and sing my own songs, without a production team around me like he did.  Oh didn't he hire Rami, oh didn't Kristian produce half his stuff, oh didn't Andreas co-write with him, oh, oh, oh and the list goes on.  I don't need a production team because I am one man making "hit level songs" like "Let's Make A Better World" and "Take Off," which could have easily gone to number 1 in the 80s or 90s.  Let's see what Max is really making, "California Girls" for Katy Perry, seriously some little party tune that a 6 year old could write and is so overly compressed and poorly mixed that maybe he should get new speakers, not to mention the sheer amount of auto-tune which speaks volumes for the artist, not even being able to sing.  You no nothing of mixing so don't lecture me about getting a microphone.  Let me ask you a question what is a Multipressor?

Some day, people will be buying my songs in droves because they are just excellent, highly original unique songs, Max can't touch my great sound and none of you can, I've got more talent than the whole of Sweden put together.  The question is do the Cheiron people want to contribute to my great sound or not, or do they want to just carry on making 6 year old party tunes.  The truth is if they loved the sound like I do, I mean really loved it, they wouldn't have ditched it the minute the trend changed.  The truth is your beloved Max Martin is just a money man, he only cares about lining his wallet. 

Ban me for what??  For sharing my great music with people who are just frankly rude and hurtful and have no respect for talent, and again isn't it funny that you have said nothing technical, again more subjective comments, which mean nothing.  I've done nothing wrong and I can't see why I can't share my songs on this forum and will continue to do so.  You keep trashing my songs and I'll keep saying I'm better than Max Martin, so we can play that game all year long if you like :).

Learn to respect real talent.

B Steady

Vila i frid Dag



lmao dude put your money up. post one song without vocals that is better than I Lay My Love On You by Per Magnusson or Just Don't Tell Me That by Kristian Lundin.

there isn't 1 producer currently in the business that can touch either one, and those are not even their best songs. max martin wasn't credited on either of those so i don't wanna hear it