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Forum members write a Cheiron song together

Started by secski, August 13, 2008, 10:48:44 AM

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Hey guys what happened to this idea?

Im up for it!


yes, i'm totally in! let's resume this project everybody!
people should say what they want to do, like melody, production, lyrics or singing...as far as i'm concerned, i love singing and recording myself so... ;)


hey sabine, thats great!

i like singing too, but i dont have a very good voice lol

i'll play the simple keys. :D

my recording setup consists of a simple mbox2 / protools le / roland keys / cheap squire guitar (which i cant play very well) / studio projects C4 / shure SM58 / soundcraft mixer / KRK monitors.


it is a great idea!!

I could only make  catchy melodies , I dont know sing  :'( and I havent experience with any instruments


Hey raul_esp, nice to meet you!

thats no problem! We need all the help we can get! and catchy melodies are very needed!


Oh interesting bump.
Let's revive it. I will make an extra section in the forum for this :)

But later, I'm quite busy these days and will get back to it asap :)
And I liked it..


Ok, the extra section is greated.

Cheiron it up in there and keep the ideas coming!  8)
And I liked it..


Well, i sing and people around me say I have a pretty good voice, for pop or pop/rock at least. I also like editing vocals and I can also play the piano. Thanks for creating this new section by the way! :)

Eddie Krommer

Is it still alive?

It is a great idea.. I'm a songwriter and I sing (at least the backchorus)...


We need a song!! So if you're a songwriter, that couldn't be better! :D
I'm already in to do the leading vocals!  ;D


woww perfect , and I think andrea can be the producer .

Eddie - songwritter and background vocals
Sabine - lead vocals
Andrea - producer

the song of the forum  go by the right way  ;D

Eddie Krommer

Actually I'm finishing the melody for the track that Andrea uploaded some weeks ago. I could do the lyrics too but I guess someone wants to put something in it... So, it might help for the vowel sounds pattern.

I guess I'll have it ready by thursday... I'm kindda busy these days... (but with some time for my new addiction: this forum)... ;D


Talk about addiction!!  I'm intoxicated to this forum!!!

That sounds perfect... and the name Andrea sounds good for a producer. Maybe Alex (Martin) should co produce! Alex, you don't wanna do it?? :P You could do sufficient lyrics at least! Your mission, if you accept it, is to put the word "sufficient" in the lyrics of the song! :P

Alex Martin

Ok i do the lyrics but i doubt i can do verses more sufficient than "ain't no lie baby bye bye bye" ;D ;D ;D