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Taylor Swift - current album "evermore" (no Max Martin)

Started by turnaround, August 23, 2017, 06:46:13 PM

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Taylor Swift talks music, politics and life with Radio 1's Clara Amfo

She's going to re-record her entire catalogue.


There were rumours about re-recording and she confirmed she will do it.

That's all.

B Steady

When I heard The Man and Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince I thought Max Martin made it to the album after all. These are the stand-outs in my opinion.
Paper Rings is also very well crafted and super catchy.
Vila i frid Dag



Taylor did a NPR Tiny Desk Concert.
She talked about the songs and performed acoustically, closely to how she wrote those.

Love it. Smart girl.


From comments:
QuoteComing from a linguistic perspective, it sounds like she's "uptalking" in her melodies, a linguistic phenomenon which is typical for her demographic. Perhaps an interesting example of the language-music connection.



Yep. Absolutely agree. All the same.

After the Tiny Desk I was thinking about the production choices and Taylor doing the same all over and over and over and over again.
The Man could have been "How To Get The Girl" from 1989, basically. A rewrite.

Basically that's the importance of the producers and collaborators: the sound.


The second verse in Death by a Thousand Cuts is the bridge from Out of the Woods.


Quote from: getawaydriver on December 15, 2020, 03:00:04 AM
One of Max's new MXM signees, Elvira, remixed Taylor's latest single.


When I heard Willow the first time I thought it was a pretty pop song but with a different approach to the arrangements.
And this remix proves the importance of arrangement and production.


Sounds like she kept the instrumental of 22 but changed the guitar on I Knew You Were Trouble.


100 bonus songs, cool, I hope maybe some of them are by mm & shellback.
I don't like vocal in the snippets, lazy


Why would she release this ahead of RED's album next month?
If this is any indication on what she has done with Max/Shellback songs then it's very underwhelming and I don't want to hype none of these re-recorded songs.
I wonder if Shellback did produce this or is it because it's reusing elements from the original production done by him... but she scrapped Max elements therefore he's not credited.
Maybe too much speculation for a song that practically sounds the same to the original with very minimal changes.


Her voice matured. A lot.

I understand the point of re-record her catalogue and I see this with no commercial purpose. It's more a statement.


Yeah, this is still nice, even though it's not as "sharp" as the original. It has more of Taylor's stamp on it, especially the more mature vocals.

Even though these re-releases are geared at taking away streams from the original masters, of which she is not an owner, it's definitely also a statement about just how much she values ownership in the music business. Also, it must be fun to get to re-imagine your songs and basically cover yourself.

I'm excited for Red but even moreso 1989.