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Get to know Andreas Carlsson some more...

Started by Tiiger, August 28, 2008, 10:39:31 PM

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Idol 2008 premieres on Wednesday and TV4 has asked some more and less interesting questions to the three judges. Here's Andreas answers, if anyone is interested in Anders and Laila's I will translate those as well.  :)

Age: 35
Lives: Hollywood and Stockholm.
Raised: Here, there and everywhere.
Family: One son; William Carlsson Graaf.
Qualifications: 100.000 sold records as composer. Songwriter of the year, 2001 in the US. Grammy- and Emmy-nominated several times.
If I wasn't working with music I would: Die. I am music and music is my life.
Interests: Work.
Song I would sing at an Idol-audition: I'm too lousy, wouldn't do it.
Songs I'm tired of after this year's auditions: "I'm Yours" and "Hallelujah".
What I look forward to during Idol 2008: That the right Idol wins and gets a proper career.
Listens to: Everything that's good and qualitative.
Thing I couldn't be without: My Mac.
Spends money on: Clothes, trips and lifestyle.
If I had an extra room I would: I already do, I keep my grand piano there.
Bad habit: I seldom drink, don't smoke and don't do drugs. I don't like habits.
Unusual habit: To change bad Swedish expressions into English ones. (A bit weird to translate, I have to say.)
There's two different types of people: Leaders and followers.
Motto: Life is good and it's gonna get better!
I'm proud of: Everything I've achieved 'til now. I want to do everything 110% otherwise it makes no difference.
Dreams for the future: To wake up every day, take a deep breath and say to myself "I'm living a darn good life!".
Just the way you are
We'll be standing soul to soul
My love's never far
I will hear you call
You'll never be inconsolable


thanks Tiiger , interesting , the best part : f I wasn't working with music I would: Die. I am music and music is my life.  :o


Thanks a lot Tiiger! This is interesting, interesting to see how Andreas is the most Americanized of our Swedes... he's sure much more into the show of side than Max, but I find him kind of funny. I can't wait to see some clips on youtube from Idol. You Swedish guys are really lucky to get this, our idol sucks here ! :(
when you have some time, could you translate the stuff on the other judges? Thx :)

Scott Martin :)

Hi Guys, dont know if you've seen this, but here is a Youtube video of a girl who went to Andrea's Meriola songwriting camp; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5g1y1izzh6A

They eat at East - isnt that Max's restaurant?


Yes I've already seen this vid, it's very good! Yes,east is Max's relaurant, too bad he's not there though...


Thanks Tiiger, finally a songwriter in the focus!!
And I liked it..


Thanks for Andreas's answers to the Q & A. Yes, I'm interested in Anders and Laila's answers too.

Thanks Scott for the link to the Meriola songwriting camp, I hadn't seen it. Good to see a glimpse of John Reid who I've never seen before and of course Andreas and the others. I liked hearing Andreas speak at the end too.

Scott Martin :)

No worries Rebecca. I liked his house!

There's also a lot of him and his house here, where he appeared on a Swedish 'Top Model' - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YBfsoZBBb0


I didn't realise that was his house, but I can see it is in Swedish Top Model clip. I liked hearing Andreas talk Swedish, sounds nice, even though I don't understand it.


Haha I hate and love Swedish at the same time. I don't get a damn thing but it sounds like a lullaby to me.. lmfao  :-X


i read a interview with andreas he got the quastion. Who is the best artist and
song right know? he said katy perry she is the new madonna, The same quastion to Anders Bagge he said Katy Perry and i kissed a girl that song is a monster Hit..
If you can dream it, you can be it.


Katy Perry makes me think way more about P!nk than Madonna but I recognize she's hell good yes. I hope she keeps collaborating with Max is the future :)
By the way, I saw an interview of Anders Bagge on youtube while he's recording with Celine Dion and he says that's to him, she's the most brilliant singer in the world. Anders Bagge looks like a really nice guy  btw!


Anders bagge is really nice and funny at the idol show in sweden..He said when
celine where in sweden she ask him if they could do a duet at the show i Globen arena in sthl...But he is to shy he said...Booth andreas and anders have amazing voices
If you can dream it, you can be it.


Yes Andreas is great at background vocals. Does Anders sing too?


If we started to speak here about Idol-show with Meriola in jury, I'd like to share some funny videos from it  ;D I love Anders Bagge's sense of humour  ;D
It's the first video Andreas speaks about Celin by the way :)
Olga Isaksson - Power of love, Främling, Bailamos
Kannagi Ohlsson - Without Breaking
Oscar Abrahamsson - Pokemon song
Jesper Johansson - Cara mia
Hunden Kristian - Who let the dogs out?
Mikael Gren - Full På Min Coca Cola