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Metalband B.F.M.V. works with Max

Started by *Sabine*, December 23, 2008, 10:52:21 AM

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I just learnt other news.

The UK metalcore band Bullet For My Valentine has recently released a deluxe edition of their latest album "Scream Aim Fire".

The new version includes 3 bonus tracks, one of them being "Watching Us Die Tonight", co-written by Max Martin.

Interesting. Max seems to like more and more to go back to his roots. This song, as a bonus, may be kinda hard to find though...


wow, more news!

I had no idea, that's great, I can't wait to hear it!

Alex Martin


           Found the song here.....


            Wicked song, especially the intro!


Ohh well done!!   ;)

It's not my style of songs but I kinda like it, it is very strong yeah, lol


wow, very cool. I love this style. I love this intro too.

It's on ASCAP now:

(Title Code: 323488339)    

(none found)


Max can do anything!



Yeah the genius can write any style!
Thanks for the ASCAP info.


great , more rock songs by max ::) , he obviously don't want to work pop anymore


Haha don't be mad at Max. I think he still does lot of pop, not the cheesy pop we love so much but for nowadays standards, it's still pure pop!


I think Max will next work with a Heavy Metal band - maybe Bullet For My Valentine is that band, I don't know anything about them if they're heavy metal, I'm not sure what metalcore is, but I think this is Max's next ambition. He has conquered pop and pop/rock, he's done ballads, why not heavy metal?

I think this is a good move for Max, Max always keeps a melody in the songs so it would be exciting.


amazing!!!, I dont like heavy metal  but this song has great melodies of the genius .


omg!!! , I'm getting addicted to this song , only max can make it  :D would he be able to make me addicted to a rap song?  ;D


The beginning of this song recalls me a song from Its Alive, don't remember the title.. I think it's cool Max comes back to his roots but I honestly don't think he might take heavy metal as the only direction.

Alex Martin

WWWWWOOOOOOWWWWWW this is pure rock n' roll!!!!!!!!!! :D

Love it!!!!!


Hardly managed to listen this song till the end  :-\