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Rami worked with RedOne in his early days!!?

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I'm Danish but as far as I understand this Swedish article, RedOne collaborated with Rami when RedOne was a young, upcoming producer.
I didn't know that, did you? Can any Swedish users confirm?

Now I understand why RedOne also makes killer productions and melodies: He learned it from one of the masters!  ;D


I remember they did some songs together for a girl group..

wow, how exciting! what a great find Klukan
I put it in Google Translate, it says Redone and Rami worked on a girl group called Popsie. This is from Google translate:

"We just laughed at the studio"
"Candy for the ears" Michael Jackson hired new svenske sup
"Candy for the ears" Michael Jackson hired new Swedish super-producer for his forthcoming album. "He is a perfectionist," says Redon.
Photo: AP

Name: Nadir "Redon" Dhayat.

Age: 35. Occupation: Producer and songwriter.

Lives: Los Angeles, USA.

Family: Wife and one child on the road.

Current: As one of the world at the moment's hottest and most hired producers.
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Unknown Swede to save Jackson's career

When Michael Jackson recording his new album in Las Vegas, it is with a Swede levers.

World stars are queuing up to work with Redon - Sweden unknown demo producer.

- We just sat and laughed at Michael I the studio, "he said in an exclusive interview with Aftonbladet.

The month is April, the spot Palms Studio in Las Vegas, USA.

Here - under great secrecy - playing Michael Jackson songs in their forthcoming album.

To his help he has songwriter Akon - and a Swedish producer you have never heard of.

- Michael is such a perfectionist in everything he does, all the little details are perfect. It's like candy for the ears. Me and Akon put small children in the studio and just laughed when we saw him work, "says Nadir" Redon "Khayat, 35.

Almost nothing has been written on Redon in Sweden, despite his impressive CV as a producer. A selection: jättehit Shakira "Hips do not lie", songs with Christina Aguilera, Lionel Richie, Brandy and the Robyn, upcoming projects with Enrique Iglesias, Beyonce, Ne-Yo ... and so it was that Mr Jackson in the spring .

- He is super nice and courteous. You get shocked when you chaps dinner with him, he is knowledgeable about so much, a real businessman, very intelligent, "says Redon.

What allows the new material?

- It is very melodies in what we did, very popkänsla. But I do not know when the disc will. He works with several producers.

It has circulated photos of him in a wheelchair. How is he?

- It is not at all that has been read. And Michael cares not about all that down. If he would be as stupid as he described, he had not been able to take half the Sony catalog and the Beatles catalog.
Went home to Joey Tempest

The story of Redon begins in 1990 with - Joey Tempest.

Then Nadir Khayat an 18-year-old Moroccans from a small village outside Tangiers who worship the Swedish poodle coats in Europe.

To such a degree that he one days left family behind and went up to the colder latitudes.

- I was completely obsessed with Europe. When I heard "The final countdown" I knew I would get involved with music. So I decided to search for Joey, he says.

Not simply, may appear. But Nadir succeeded.

- I knew he lived in Upplands-Väsby, so I went there and asked me. Finally, I found Joey 's house. He was super nice, we played guitar and sang together. It was an incredible experience, remembers Redon and laughs.
Moved to Sweden

"Reached" settled down permanently in Stockholm, where he long tried to become a rock star. When the dream burst, he became friends with producer Rami and learned how to fix levers in a studio instead.

- Our first hit was with the girl group Popsie, I remember. Then I began to make their own career, "he says.

A career as pointed nail straight up - right up to a studio in Las Vegas earlier this year.

- It is amazing. I had never dreamed about this when I left Morocco, says Redon and laughs.
Jon Forsling

Redon on ...
... why Swedish producers have such a good reputation in the U.S.:

New Kids on the Block.
New Kids on the Block.
- We are the best, the only country that has the perfect vision of pop. I do not know if it is due to ABBA, but we are always good at creating strong melodies in Sweden.
... the new album by New Kids on the Block:

- It is finished. I have produced and co-wrote six songs. The large chorus and melodies remain, but with a fresher sound. They have kept in touch with each other through all
years, we can see that they love each other.
... to work with darin:

- He has the qualities to become one of the largest in the world. He is on the same level as Michael Jackson and Akon. I did his song "Step up" and has five songs on his next disc. My goal is that he will be super great.
Joey Tempest.
Joey Tempest.
... that might meet Joey Tempest again:

- I know he wants to work with me, but I do not think he knows that I am the same guy who greeted him so long ago. It may be a surprise!
Redon has also been working with:







I see the credits from the Cheiron fansite:

Song: Funky    

Album: "Popsie" (1998)
Written by:
Rami Yacoub / RedOne / Cecilia Lind / Sandra Petterson / Angelica Sanches / Katarina Sundqvist
Produced, recorded & mixed by:
Rami Yacoub / Daniel Papalexis / RedOne

song: Joyful Life    

Single: "Joyful Life" (1998)
Album: "Popsie" (1998)
Written by:
Rami Yacoub / RedOne / Cecilia Lind / Sandra Petterson / Angelica Sanches / Katarina Sundqvist
Produced, recorded & mixed by:
Rami Yacoub / Daniel Papalexis / RedOne


                   Thanxx for the translation, Rebecca --I really wanted to read that!    :D


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