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Rami worked with RedOne in his early days!!?

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wooooooooooooooow thanks!
I need my internship at Kinglet Studios


Great interview! , very interesting! ,then RedOne has the cheiron spirit,Now I understand why their songs are so great ,  Thanks Reb .

One of the best interviews I've ever read. It's so interesting to see how he worked with Max and why he left Maratone. I'm also really excited about this new girlband, a mix of Pinik and the Pussycat, hmmm!!

If you listen to Stranded there is a Cheiron trademark. The sax used mainly on pre-chorus and a kind of ambient sound that cheiron used to layer with their stabs (it is on Oops!...I Did It Again, What U See (Is What U Get), Ask For More (the pepsi jingle also known as Joy Of Pepsi).

Wonder which sample cd got these samples...  :'( :'(


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