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Rami worked with RedOne in his early days!!?

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I found ''joyful life'' :

I wonder the superhit would be a song produced by Max martin and RedOne....

cool, Joyful Life is pretty good!

ooh, a song by Max and Redone! what a hit!

I remember "Joyful Life" from when I was a little child.
I'm so overwhelmed and surpriced by this found.
I remember I loved that song when I was very young (about 9yrs old) and I've never been able to remember who made this song. Then discovering that it is actually written by Rami and RedOne for Cheiron is such a strange coincidence for me since Cheiron, Rami & RedOne are some of my biggest inspirations to writing and producing music.

I also think it's funny that Rami & RedOne (and Max as well) are actually around the same age (Rami is 34, RedOne 36) but their era of great success is staggered about 10 years to each other because Rami & Max had big success so early on in their careers..

You just had to admit: Swedish songwriters ARE the best. They've been pioneers in the pop music world for SOOOO many years and now with RedOne in the front..
And it all trace back to the Cheiron guys... wow!

wow, that is such a coincidence that you loved that song as a child. so that means you were a Rami/Redone fan since 9 yrs old but didn't even know it!

Yep, Swedish songwriters are the best, their success is incredible.


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