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Ryan Tedder appreciation / OneRepublic thread

Started by turnaround, September 08, 2016, 10:28:47 AM

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Written by GALE, Charlie Handsome and Anitta
Produced by Ryan Tedder and Charlie Handsome

Still bland and boring



The Album is out, more than half of the songs are co-written or produced by Ryan
Waterslide is also co-written with Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels, I think it's the first time they collaborate together



Written by Amy Allen, Lostboy, Ryan Tedder, Scott Harris, Tate McRae and Tiësto
Produced by Lostboy, Ryan Tedder and Tiësto


I can hear Ryan Tedder singing the pre-chorus. It's almost a OneRepublic cover.


I like Tate and the label's investing in her a lot.




Written by Dan Caplen, Ryan Tedder, Stavros Admantios Tsarouhas, Tyler Spry
Produced by Ryan Tedder, Tyler Spry, Stavros Admantios Tsarouhas


Portugal. The Man — What, Me Worry?
Written by Brent Kutzle, Eric Howk, Homer Steinweiss, John Gourley, Kyle O'Quin, Ryan Tedder, Tyler Spry, Zach Carothers
Produced by Jeff Bhasker, Ryan Tedder




Jenna Raine (a TikToker signed on with Scooter Brown) ? Stupid Cupid
Written by Andrew DeRoberts, Casey Smith, Jenna Raine Simmons
Produced by Andrew DeRoberts, Ryan Tedder


Sounds a lot like all the involved producers.


Cassper Nyovest - Soul

Written by Cassper Nyovest and Ryan Tedder
Produced by Cassper Nyovest, Ryan Tedder and Alie Keyz

Way too bland, Ryan singing in the background is kinda annoying

OneRepublic - RUNAWAY

Written by SAMAMA, Ryan Tedder, Brent Kutzle, Jonny Simpson, Nolan Sipe
Produced by Brent Kutzle, John Nathaniel, SAMAMA

I really love it, It keeps reminding me of a song I can't place it. I also love that the band is not centered around Ryan and they keep producing songs without Ryan himself


I'm really into Runaway. Sounds like Jonas Brothers though.

And a bit like Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars, which is heavily inspired by The Police.


Do It Like That - TOMORROW X TOGETHER, Jonas Brothers

Written by COLETON RUBIN, Grant Boutin, Ryan Tedder
Produced by Grant Boutin, Ryan Tedder


Quote from: nanofives on July 07, 2023, 02:57:37 PMDo It Like That - TOMORROW X TOGETHER, Jonas Brothers

Written by COLETON RUBIN, Grant Boutin, Ryan Tedder
Produced by Grant Boutin, Ryan Tedder

the verse melody is similar to Feels by Pharrell / Calvin Harris


Blackpink — The Girls

Ryan Tedder & Danny Chung, Jennie, Rosé