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Misappropriated Songs

Started by free, October 15, 2019, 04:14:30 AM

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I know it has been touched on by a few. 

Let's first get a few facts straight.  His name is Martin Sandberg.  Lukasz Gottwald is not a doctor and he is in fact is a horrible human being. You are all mostly swedes into production so you are going to support the devil if he belongs to Sweden. Gotta show your support. 

Over ten years ago they (dr. luke and his girlfriend) misappropriated a notebook in Salt Lake City Utah in Janurary of 2008.

All those songs, melody, chords, WORDS, are written by a young teen. Prescription Songs was searching around and found this girl via Prescription Songs flyers being passed out at the chateau at 1999 N. Temple. I still have a flyer.

The flyer is roughly the size of a script you would get from a doctor with the Rx script in the top left corner. It states, "Prescription Songs is a new company looking for songwriters...."

Since taking possession of her work prescription songs has passed the work between themselves (dr. luke) and various producers (max martin, greg wattenberg, etc) in an attempt to cover it. That goes for the singers that had a part in it and took credits when they knew they didn't write a word or a lick.

Is that why in 2022 we have 10 writers to a song (sub publishing?)? Any thoughts?

Here is a list of the misappropriated songs:


Kinda sounds like you think Dr Luke is Swedish?

Who is this girl that has written all these chart topping hits and where can I find her? Does she live here in Sweden? :D :D :O


It's some mental health problems, I can't even joke about you...


I shit you not. Truth is what this poster spews. Taga longs need a mental health check.


Any pic of the original poster as proof?