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Re: StringWheel pad?
« Reply #45 on: August 20, 2021, 07:13:16 PM »
Sorry for the bump :)

I want to add to my post, the preset apo:C3/M12 ESI with low pass filter is a better match for Ace of Base's Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry, Just 'N' Image and Dr. Sun synth pads.

With greatest respect to Rod (he is incredibly talented!) for the previous message and for showing the way, here is a way to have this preset:

This sound can be found on E-MU Keys Emulator X. Here is a great tutorial for achieving successful installation for E-MU Emulator X and obtaining the necessary libraries:

We need to get the following:
E-Mu Emulator X (the setup is available on the YouTube Video Desc.
E-Mu Experience (this allows us to have the necessary directory structure)
Vintage Keys Sound Bank

All these three is explained in detail on the YouTube link

But to obtain the sound, after following each step, you have to choose apo: CP70/M12. This preset has both Yamaha Acoustic Piano (hence the apo name) and the Matrix Strings. At this point go to "Voices and Zones" section of apo:CP70/M12.

Choose Matrix String C4 as solo and mute all other instruments

Then apply a low pass filter to this (as an example I applied FL Studio Love Filter - Low Pass 2 preset)

Hope this helps.