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Final - Cheiron Song of the Year Awards 2009

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Here's the final list! I just chose the songs that had 4 or more votes from round 1. As you could see from Round 1, there were a couple of ties, so it will be interesting to see which song comes out on top.

You can vote for 3 songs, which is pretty tough, sorry!

By the way, the results will only show after the poll has expired.

The poll is open for 8 days, so it closes 27 December 2009.


Crap, I have 4 huge favourites, it's impossible to kill one darling!

Alex Martin:
Sorry but this is the real song of the year.....
Love it can't stop listen it......

I voted , choose only 3 songs was so hard...

Too bad none of The Saturdays songs made it :( I also am gutted that Linda Sundblad didnt make it as well. I loooove that song atm.

Voted. I don't know but I guess "Figured You Out'" is an obvious winner, we'll see!


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