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The easist way to make a song - chord based composing app. "ezComposer"

Started by yeinart, August 17, 2011, 10:17:06 AM

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The easist way to make a song - chord based composing app. "ezComposer"

Chord based music composing app "ezComposer" released (iPhone / iPod Touch)

( ezComposer Pro for iPad also released )

download (ezComposer) : http://itunes.apple.com/app/ezcomposer/id455151101?mt=8
download (ezComposer Pro) : http://itunes.apple.com/app/ezcomposer-pro/id455163013?mt=8

The most interesting thing is that this app includes various chords and

user can easily make chord progression because this app support drag-and-drop based user interface.

Especially, this app recommends next appropriate chord for beginners!

In addition, this app plays various instruments with chords

because this supports various playing styles per various instruments such as piano, guitar, drum,


So, chord progression sketch is very easy.

That is, this app automatically sequences midi notes according to the user's arrangement.

For song writers, because midi sequencing for common instrument's style is a kind of chore,

it will be very useful app.

For mini beginners and who doesn't have knowledgement,

they can learn how to sequence midi notes.

Moreover, this app supports chord recommendation for who doesn't have ideas about chord


So, if users apply the recommendation, then they can make chord progression very easily

Melody and string lines can be recorded by keyboard, user can express various musics.

For drum, this app includes drumpad and this can control velocity.

You can also export to midi file, users can load it from user's favorite DAW such as Cubase,


Below is demo video for ezComposer.

In this video you can see sequencing Canon in 5 min.

When the sequencing ends, the user changes the genre by just a little drag and drop

In fact, this kind of work needs many time and efforts but very easy by this app.

ezComposer Demo :

ezComposer Pro Demo :

Below description is from AppStore.


Let me introduce The most advanced composing app. in the world.

Are you still midi recording and sequencing in the small smart phone screen?

The smartest composing app in the smart phone world. Use it now.

The user just arrange the chord progression and set the style for each instruments.

The ezComposer does midi sequencing which is not easy in the smartphone on behalf of you

If the chords changed, ezComposer immediately does midi sequencing automatically.

The melody can be easily recorded by keyboard and it supports UNDO to cancel current recording.

You can easily make moving music through the special composing system in the ezComposer.

ezComposer supports 144 chords set and about 400s styles set for major instruments.

What you need to make a song is just drag-and-drop the chord and style.

No more midi sequencing in the smartphone.

ezComposer is the only professional composing app. in various situation like in the subway, in the

bed, when you walk ...

First, arrange the chords and styles for each instrument,

Second, record major melody using the velocity-aware keyboard.

That's all. It's amazing app.

Also it supports chord progression recommendation system based on 500s chords set for each key.

Ofcourse, you can export your project as a midi file to use in your favorite sequencer like cubase,

sonar, logic.

Especially, ezComposer will be useful for

1. Beginners for midi composing

- who have no idea about midi sequencing

- who want to sequence various chords without chord knowledge.   

- who want to make various chord progression

- You can open your project through exporting midifile and you can see the midi notes!

2. People who are interest in composing, and professional composers

- who don't want to be bothered by ordinary midi sequencing.

- who want to see various chord progression

- You can sketch anyplace with the combination of various chord sets and style set

*** Features ***

+ Drag-and-drop based chord and style editing

- 144 chords : major, minor, 7th, 6th, m7, m7, m7-5, aug, dim, dim7, Maj7, sus4 chords

- 132 drum styles : 4 beat, 8 beat, 16 beat and various feel-ins

- 132 piano styles : Well-sequenced midi playing sets like professional pianist's play

- 72 guitar styles : various sets from stroke to arpeggio (A1-1 ~ B9-3)

- 60 base guitar styles : various bass guitar styles (C1-1 ~ D6-3)

- Double tapping support to insert chord and style.

+ Chord recommendation system

- Next chord recommendation system based on current chord progression.

- instant chord progression guide

- 500s various chord progression for each Key(12 Major Keys, 12 Minor Keys)

+ Keyboard and Drumpad

- Velocity-aware Drumpad : for drumkit, you can use drumpad to record drum notes!

- Velocity-aware Keyboard : 2-layered Keyboard.

+ Instruments

- 49 various high quality instruments with 16bit 44.1khz

- Standard, Jazz, Rock, House,.... 7 various drum kits.

+ Editing

- User-friendly made user interface and interactive instant help system

- midi file exporting

- Copy & paste

- Volume and pan control for each track

- midi tempo control

- Block the auto sequencing ( double tapping the the style editor )