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First Song by Shellback?

Started by Voodoo, November 28, 2012, 02:13:57 AM

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Hey Guys!

Brand new to the forum... although I've been lurking around for about a year :-)

Anyhow.. I've heard of this mysterious first pop song by shellback... the one that made max martin's head turn....

I've even seen an old post about it... with a broken link to the song.

Does any one have it to repost?

Dying to hear it!!!!!!!!


Hi Vodoo, welcome :)

I think our members can help you!  ;D
And I liked it..


Thnx turnaround. Would love that :-)


Sorry for bumpin this post back up... but NOBODY has this song?!!! I wanna say that a looooonnnggg time ago the song was posted on the forum. does anyone have it>!!!!



Nah it is not raise your glass - shellback wrote a popsong as a gift for a friend of his.. But im pretty sure it has never been posted in here?


I know what you meant regarding the birthday song.... but I think it was never posted.

And wasn't his first commercial contribution So What by Pink?


This is where the comments are from:

"But at Julius 19th birthday Johan decided to give him a special present. A pop song. After all Julian loved pop music and besides, how hard could it be?
As with everything else one doesn't take very serious it turned out it could be quite good.
When Julius got to hear his birthday song his first reaction was:"Damn Johan, this sounds really cathy!" "Julius has a really great a&r ear. He can't play a lot on instruments but he has an unusually good nose for when songs are a hit or not". Julius' praise had Johan sit down and write a real pop song as a challenge for him self, but he sent the track to Max Martin, who had Johan come to Stockholm and record a real demo. He packed a some t-shirts and a toothbrush and thought it would only be a week in Stockholm. Best case scenario two. That is now 4 years ago and the return ticket to Karlshamn still lies unused."


Yeah, exactly, thats what I mean.

I swear... that at some point a few months ago (maybe even a year ago )... someone had posted the song. Its the same song that got Max Martin interested in Shellback for an apprenticeship.

I'm sure my memory serves me WRONG, ha ha, but I recall seeing a BROKEN link to it.