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Katy Perry's upcoming album

Started by nanofives, April 24, 2024, 06:12:33 AM

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Katy revealed that LU KALA is one of the co writers of her upcoming single rumored to be released in the following months. The last 4 songs LU KALA has released were all co written or produced by Dr. Luke.
I'm excited to see this new era, her image has changed in the last few years, hopefully this would mean a strong comeback.


yep there have been rumblings about her working with Luke again for months now.

Luke and his family attended one of Katy's last Vegas shows and there was a photo of Katy with his two kids.

The online response if/when the credits are shown will be quite explosive but I'm sure her team will downplay it as much as possible.

I wonder if he'll go by a pseudonym again?

Either way, the court case with Kesha has been long settled. People need to move on with the whole "Dr. Luke is a rapist so therefore attack anyone who works with him" mindset because he was never convicted and Kesha is free. Katy getting back with him on her next project is huge. They will surely make some incredible pop anthems.


I'm glad about this but with Luke it could be a hit or a miss. He's not that consistent lately.
And it depends on the co-writers to, Katy always co writes.

I saw she wrote with Lu Kala.



Quote from: j.fco.morales on April 29, 2024, 08:09:46 PMLuke + Max? Mm, not sure tbh...

they did a lot of great stuff on Prism... namely 'Ghost' which is a phenomenal pop song.


11 years ago... I'm not sure if Max would work again with Luke.


Quote from: j.fco.morales on May 03, 2024, 03:51:23 AM11 years ago... I'm not sure if Max would work again with Luke.
They are on good terms I think since Luke is working as an executive producer in & Juliet. Luke also sent kim petras to work with the wolf cousins in Sweeden so


I didn't know about that, in this site it also says Shellback is a producer of the show as well