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Here is the place to talk about all the members and friends of the legendary Cheiron Studios: Max Martin, Denniz PoP,  Rami Yacoub, Jörgen Elofsson, Andreas Carlsson, Per Magnusson, David Kreuger, Kristian Lundin, Herbie Crichlow, Alexandra Talomaa, Alexander Kronlund, John Amatiello, Jake Schulze and all the new and old songs by the Cheiron crew and friends (Dr Luke, Shellback, Savan Kotecha...) and (your) great pop music in general.

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List of most capable Cheiron members

Started by Dagge, January 15, 2022, 04:23:20 PM

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If we consider Max the best allround Cheiron composer, arranger, producer, what would look like the list of others based on their mucic capacity and shown talent. I would subjectively put Lundin and Rami Yacoub immediately below Max


Denniz PoP was the best. He was literally incredible. Look at the work he did and how he evolved. I believe that if Denniz was around in 2000, the Cheiron legacy would have continued with a new sound that would compete with Neptunes and all those who were dominating the charts back then. He was never afraid to change the style and always had this intuition for what was hot. He was simply one of those guys who built himself to last in pop music, just like Max learned to do at a later phase. Denniz Pop was a chameleon, adjusting his colours to his surroundings.

At the same time Denniz understood the power of teamwork, using Lundin's great ear for production and Max's ear for melody and harmony. Those members were really good at what they did, but Denniz was the master who knew it all, similar to what Max is now for MXM music.

Why was Rami brought in and was it Denniz that adviced Max to go for an 'urban' guy?
What was special about Andreas Carlsson back then, what was he specifically used for in the studio, what was his expertise?
Hi, I'm Luke and I'm sitting on my throne! Oh, and have you noticed that Denniz PoP songs are extremely hooky?


Interesting thoughts. PoP seem to be the most artistic guy among them, while others were more of a craftsman type. I wonder how would he cope with the even more advanced production requirements later on, taking into account his somehow limited playing and music theory skills (no pun intended).

He loved simplicity as shown on Ace of Base. But later BSB, N'Sync and Britney  were quite sophisticated in production, chords and melody, I wonder whether his simple approach would pass the public taste without the help of craftsmen around him. I think that's why he took them as collaborators, to fulfill his weaker points. I also admire him, this is a honest attempt to discover the whole picture more accurately.