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Forum members write a Cheiron song together

Started by secski, August 13, 2008, 10:48:44 AM

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Alright mods, we can start with making a poll...what kind of direction? Love? faithfull? Hurt? hate You? etc....cmon now Mods :D


Quote from: Eddie Krommer on January 18, 2014, 06:37:49 AM
Ok, guys! Let's make it happen this time!

Here's an idea I've been working on. Excuse my lazy and lack-of-time for editing thing, I'll improve it as we advance:


What about a verse like "Can you be my Jesus tonight...?" and all those religious imagery very à la Pretend I'm God by I'm Alive...

It's up to you now  ;D

you made this !?


Maybe we could start with a chord progression and a tempo? Just to give it a start...

(just in case you didn't see this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOlDewpCfZQ)


I made this loop

These are chords from As long as you love me

F C Am G

The tempo is 95bpm




Sorry I didn't see that Eddie has already posted a beat.

Eddie Krommer


That's cool Eddie :P!

Well... anyway I suggest to start with Eddie's beat as it is more complete, and try to make it from finish to end!

I'll be making some melodies, it would be nice if other forum members try to make some too, then we can pick the bests ideas between all and continue with the lyrics? ;D



A possible melody for verse and pre-chorus... I got stuck when the beat explodes, I think there should start the hook/chorus, any ideas?


So I made a chorus melody


It reminds me more to Depeche Mode than Cheiron O_O but it's the only thing that came to me


Awesome !!! lets open a new THREAD and post the link of the final song, and ppl can decide what type of direction the lyrics should be

Nikki M

Hello everyone iam a singer and i write my own lyrics but I don't Play any instrument so my lyrics  have not melody yet!
I would like to know if someone wants to work with me in my project?