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Cheiron Song Thread

Started by secski, August 13, 2008, 12:31:26 PM

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i edited the melody a little... now you've got a version with or without the melody, so you can do your experiments... now i'm leaving for holydays and i will come back in september... have a good work together! :)


@ Vanth: I use a famous VST called Virtual Guitarist...

@ Raul: I think that the singer of the song should be the one with the better microphone and the better stuff for recording...


well done guys, this is a great start!


Andrea, I really love your song! I will try to write lyrics on it...


Hey Everybody!

I'm Sound engineer Student.. :) I can Help .. but i'm at my  parent's house up to the end of september..
I don't have a lot of stuff here.. sad..
But I Could Help to produced , and Mixed The Song!

I need training! if I want to have my internship In sweden the Next Summmer ! haha


Hey guys, I just had a quick look into this here and listened to andrea's song.

It's beatiful, keep the good work up, I'm sorry I can't contribute anything right now, because I'm just too busy starting a job.

And I liked it..


Yes Nico, you can be of great help with the song.
The verse of the song is good but it's a bit hard to think of a melody and of a full project without the chorus...


Melbourne, Australia based producer here at your service... 

I just had a listen to the song.. nice work!!  love the snare sound LOL... OK if you want me to guys I will play real guitar and bass on it for you, add some Cherion style percussion and mix it.  Please upload JUST the drum part and I'll re-upload it with live guitar and bass.

One part of the melody sound VERY "as long as you love me"...


Nice, very Cheiron'ish but the chorus needs to be tightened up a little.. Sounds too much like Richard Marx' "Right Here Waiting" in the chorus. Try simplifying the melodi a little, find a catch hook/phrase and repeat the same hook in another way (rhythm or tones). good luck


I know this is like 4 years old, but I really wanna hear what you guys made! All the links are dead! Someone post plz!


Wow it has been a long time! PM me if you want my midi, lost Andrea's version when I lost my drive, as well as my secski email password :)
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