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Feedback of my song never ever turn U down

Started by mattenylander, March 11, 2015, 04:31:09 PM

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Hello everybody!
I'm a songwriter and producer from Sweden and writen mostly pop-stuff.
I've made a new song and would be very glad and thankful to hear some feedback from you guys. :)




Love that effect you did on the intro with vocals... Cool song mate Its dope !


Great song. I really like the "again" part.
Reminds me of Ryan Tedder for some reason.


Thank you very much everyone for these kind words!. :)

Adam B

wow, it really has that commercial sheen to it!  :D

Really like the song but here's what i would change (just suggestions);

*Make the chorus hit harder. I'd like more contrast to the verses, maybe just add some big cymbals on the downbeat in the chorus. Let the quieter parts be really quiet, you've got the voice to keep the listener focused anyway.

*Make it more compact. Generally I think starting a song with the chorus is cheating but here I think it's justified. Use the chorus as an intro in some form (with filters or other effects) and then keep the first verse really short and hit the first real chorus pretty soon. Then let the energy die down before you build to the next chorus.


Thank you for your'e feedback!
I will definitely look in too that!. yeah I have some crashes but i might bring up level to get the chorus going.

Absolutely! I might adjust the dynamic of the song a bit to make it more interesting for the listener as well!.

thanks for great feedback!  :)