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Molly Sandén - Freak

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Great new stuff by Swedish darling Molly Sanden

Press release:


The past two years Molly has spent day and night in the studio in LA where she writes her own songs together with some of her favourite songwriter legends. Co-writes with David Foster, RedOne, Walter Afanasieff, Jason Derulo and Avicii has developed and inspired Molly both as a performer and songwriter.

With pride Molly releases the song "Freak" in her own house. The song is written by herself, Victor Thell, Maria Smith and Kevin Högdahl (signed by RedOne) and it really means a lot to her.

Out worldwide:


I love Smith & Thell's Illusion, a banger.

Good for them to get some publishing deal.

Molly is one talented singer, I like her voice a lot.

The fact the she is working with RedOne is kind of exciting to me, I really want her to let loose and release uptempo stuff!

Adam B:
nah, this ain't going nowhere

New single Phoenix has a video now


It's a mixture between "Diamonds" and "Chandelier"


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