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Dr. luke Comeback

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What do you guys think about the dr. luke comeback?

het got a number one this year with say so and is like they (industry) are hearing his side of the story now

Couple weeks ago Avril lavigne followed him on instagram but people start to get mad and then she unfollowed him


I think it's great. He deserves success because he's incredibly talented.

There's no reason why he shouldn't be able to work again based on allegations which, as each year passes, are fading in the public eye. The fact that the lawsuit went above its intent to "seek justice" and became a defamation and slander parade is what rubbed me the wrong way. It's one thing to take it to court but to ruin this man's life and for fans like Avril's to call for her to not follow him on social media... it's craziness. If Chris Brown physically BEAT Rihanna and we saw VISUAL PROOF of that, and he still has his career and has released tons of music, why can't a behind-the-scenes producer do the same? Especially since, in Luke's case, all the claims against him were never found to be true. Not to mention, Kesha has moved on. So why are there still ripple effects of fans and people being so dead set against him? Time to give that up.

All in all, I've been a huge fan of Luke's since 2007 and I really think he sticks out from all the rest as a gifted pop producer/song crafter. I'm excited to hear what's next from him and who he's been working with lately, aside from Kim Petras. I personally think Avril should team up with him again. She's got nothing to lose- her career is in the toilet anyway. But I think he's sticking with up and coming talent like Doja, who we saw explode this past year.


It's one of the faults in our contemporary society to pretend like he was found guilty of committing a crime. Just like racism it is something we should speak out against if it happens in our midst. Because obviously still thinking that luke gave kesha a roofie is irrational as there is no solid proof and there were more reasons for kesha to lie than not to lie considering her contract/money issues.

Enjoy the video he posted on his insta and don't forget to press follow and like :P

I couldn't agree more.

Shall we separate the artist from its craft?


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