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You Need Her Around
« on: April 10, 2018, 10:04:06 PM »
"You Need Here Around" Is My March 2018 song.

I wrote "You Need Her Around" after reading a book called "Lennon". In the book a observation about what the song,"You've Got To Hide Your Love Away", is really about was mentioned. That's all it took


She can make you feel so good
Make you feel ten feet tall
Like the worlds all yours
Like you got it all
She can bring out the best in you
You’re gonna love every thing she can do
Yeah you’re gonna get hooked on it too


You need her around
When things get hard
So learn to hold her in the highest regard
You need her around
You know that you do
She’s the blood in your veins
She’s there for you
Don’t let her go
She’s the best thing you’ll ever know

She is more than just a dream
Ah She’s a dream come true
And she lives for love as she lives for you
She will lift you up all so high
Your gonna live knowing you’ve touched the sky
Yeah you’ll  feel like you well never die

Repeat chorus

Oh we all lose sight sometimes
We lose are way
But she’ll be there to get you through the night
All through your life each and every day