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Written by Major League Djz, Don Jazzy, Stargate, DJ Maphorisa, Diplo, Tiwa Savage
Produced by Major League Djz, DJ Maphorisa, Stargate and Don Jazzy

Written by Ed Sheeran, Johnny McDaid and Steve Mac
Produced by Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac

Full credits not available but it's probably written by Justin Tranter and Jason Gill and produced by Jason Gill

Written by Gian Stone, J Hart, Jason Evigan, Teddy Swims and Jonny Price
Produced by Gian Stone and Jason Evigan

Written by Connon McDonough, Cirkut, Reneé Rapp, Riley McDonough, UPSAHL
Produced by Cirkut and Connor McDonough

I don't know much about Reneé Rapp but she has a reputation of making very slow ballads which are borderline boring with great producers
Hair removal that doesn't breach your budget is the talk of the town. An electrolysis hair removal service is top of the list regarding long-lasting and safe aesthetic procedures. Electrolysis is an FDA-approved process in which a micro metal probe is inserted into the targeted area, and with electric currents, hair follicles are treated. The warmth of electric current damages the follicles and stops the regrowth of hair. This process is done under the supervision of a certified electrologist and is completely safe.
Any off-topic beyond music / What are the best Cultural tours in the world?
« Last post by Henrycole on September 28, 2022, 08:57:40 PM »
Culture is like a DNA imprint of civilization - The more you explore, the more you know the ancients. The best culture tours in the world could be categorized as:

History as you explore Europe.
Ways of life in the villages of Africa.
Ancient ruins of Asia.
Customs and traditions of Polynesia  & South Pacific.
There are many ways to deal with rubbish removal in Birmingham. Some companies collect the waste they generate and recycle it, while others throw it away. The problem with throwing away trash is its negative environmental impact. It also creates many difficulties for those who work in landfill, which can lead to health issues or even death. The dump is one of the most expensive places to dispose of waste, so recycling is a better option for companies who want to save money and reduce their environmental impact.
Unholy tops Spotify Global and USA.
Honestly, didn't expect.

Apple Music as well.

Amazing how Kim went from album limbo to shelved album to then topping the charts with a collab. Ppl are saying it might debut at #1 next week.
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