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Andreas Carlsson - ANDRES

Started by ®a|ÑßØw÷¢H!LÐ, January 12, 2007, 02:52:41 AM

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Andreas started, as many of his collegues, with a pretty unsuccessful solo career. He released an album named "The Real Thing" in 1996 under the artist name of "ANDRES".
As much as I know it was only released in Sweden and in some Asian countries. It had a couple of hits & singles in Japan, nothing big though.

Most songs on the album are written or co-written by Andreas.
All lead vocals by him.



I have this album if anyone wants it.
Just the way you are
We'll be standing soul to soul
My love's never far
I will hear you call
You'll never be inconsolable



Quote from: "Linda"Is it any good?

Well, it's not the worst album you'll ever hear in your whole life. When I listen to it I quite enjoy it, however once it's over I've completely forgotten it. Andreas has a very nice voice but no songs really stick in my mind. Though he looks very nice on the front cover, as you can see. I hope his second album is a lot better.


Quote from: "Linda"Is it any good?
If you like the DeDe songs, you'll like the ANDRES album too!


Quote from: "Tiiger"I have this album if anyone wants it.
I want it.


Princess, you should be able to buy a copy of his cd on www.gemm.com, that's where I bought my copy.


Quote from: "princessofegypt"I want it.
Really? Guess what! I'll give you my only copy for free! You come across  so nice & charming here, just gimme your adress and I'll send it off to you first thing tomorrow morning!


And I liked it..


WHy? Is it pure pop? I mean you say it sounds like Dede! I've looked for this album everywhere, in vain... I would be grateful for life if you could help me Tiiger: just add me: sabine_gausserand@hotmail.com!