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Carl Falk Productions Thread

Started by nanofives, May 21, 2022, 03:46:54 AM

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Produced by Louis Bell, Carl Falk and Savan Kotecha

I really love this tune, I miss Carl, he became rather inactive since Avicci's passing away.



Yes, it's Post Malone, not sure why it's listed as Brian Tyler on the embedded preview



Written by Albin Nedler, Carl Falk, Joakim Berg, Maria Jane Smith and Maxida Märak
Produced by Carl Falk

It reminded me that I like Joakim Berg's work over the years, I liked Kent and his work as a writer, I wish he sings more in English



Written by Carl Falk, Carla Cappa, Kristoffer Eriksson and Trevor Daniel
Produced by Carl Falk



Written by Carl Falk, Joakim Berg, Lovisa Niklasson and Oscar Zia
Produced by Carl Falk


August Moon - Dance Before We Walk

Written and produced by Savan Kotecha and Carl Falk
Vocals by actor Nicholas Galitzine
Background vocals by Savan, Carl and Albin Nedler
Loving it! Gives me a lot of vibes of Talk Fast by 5 Seconds of Summer

Carl, Savan and others are involved in the soundtrack of the film, bold move, I think it's the only way boybands can make a return.


Closer - August Moon

Written and produced by Carl Falk and Savan Kotecha

Taste - August Moon

Written and produced by Albin Nedler, Carl Falk and Savan Kotecha

There's a full album coming when the movie releases next week, I'm excited


I don't know who this is but it sounds nice.


The Idea Of You (OST)

The soundtrack was released a few weeks ago alongside the movie, Savan and Carl wrote and produced Taste, Dance Before We Walk, The Idea Of You, Closer and Guard Down. Ilya produced I Got You.

Guard Down will be released as a single alongside a video of the wannabe boyband that plays in the movie. It's very reminiscent of Juliet by Lawson, Closer sounds like Circles by Post Malone and Taste sounds like Sunshine by Liam Payne

Savan is also the executive music producer of the film