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Space Primates Productions Thread

Started by nanofives, July 07, 2023, 03:13:31 PM

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Opening a Thread for Space Primates (Nathan Cunningham and Marc Sibley), they have worked with Luke on  Whip It! by Lunchmoney Lewis

Remedy - Matt Sassari, Miggy Dela Rosa, Quarterhead

Written by QuarterHead, Space Primates, Matt Sassari, Michele Carmine Dato
Produced by Matt Sassari, Quarterhead, Space Primates

Long Way Home - Lindsey Stirling, Walk off the Earth

Written by Alida, Alma Goodman, Gianni Luminati Nicassio, Lindsey Stirling Space Primates, Sarah Blackwood, Tokyo Speirs
Produced by Gianni Luminati Nicassio, Tokyo Speirs, Space Primates

Barbie Dreams - FIFTY FIFTY Feat. Kaliii

Written by FAANGS, James Harris, Janet Jackson (Sample?), JBACH, Kaliya Ashley Ross, Space Primates, Mike Caren, Nicholaus Joseph Williams, Randall Hammers, Terry Lewis, Tramaine Winfrey
Produced by Space Primates


Barbie Dreams interpolates 1997's Together Again by Janet Jackson.


Good To Forget - Aviella, Deux Twins

Written by Alexander Pavelich, Alida, Alma Goodman, Space Primates
Produced by Deux Twins, Space Primates


Go Getter - VCHA

Written by Adrienne Ben Haim, Bethany Ann Warner, J.Y. Park, Space Primates
Produced by Space Primates and J.Y. Park


Orange Flower (You Complete Me) - ENHYPEN

Written by "hitman" bang (Si Hyuk Bang 방시혁), Jhun Ryan (Jhun Ryan Sewon 전세원, Magsy (Colin Magalong), Space Primates, Ryan Curtis, Stevie Aiello, 이스란 (Seu Ran Lee 이스란), 이이진 (Yi Jin Yi 이이진), 전지은 (Ji Eun Jeon 전지은)
Produced by Space Primates

Break My Heart - Simu Liu

Written by Jimmy Rainsford, Joe Jonas, Space Primates, Ryan Hennessy, Simu Liu
Produced by Space Primates


Only One - VCHA

Written by Jonathan Hall, Space Primates, Tiffany Gia
Produced by Space Primates

Favorite Girl - VCHA

Written by Deza, Hadar Adora, Space Primates
Produced by Space Primates

Love and Pain - Enrique Iglesias

Written by Adr5ian Allahverdi, Carlos Paucar, Enrique Iglesias, Federico Vindver, Jordan Rand Miller, Space Primates, Marty James
Produced by Space Primates

Be Together - Enrique Iglesias

Written by Carlos Paucar, Enrique Iglesias, Jordan Rand Miller, Space Primates, Marty James
Produced by Space Primates


I Like It - Stray Kids
Written by 3RACHA, JBACH, Space Primates
Produced by Bang Chan and Space Primates