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New subforum "Studio Sounds and Tech-Talk"

Started by turnaround, November 17, 2011, 04:16:44 PM

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I thought it might be a good idea to create this subforum.

I will try to move Cheiron Sounds, Studio and Technical topics to here, as it's always very interesting and we can get a better overview.

Feel free to also discuss your own studio equipment, software and anything else here :)

You can also suggest subforums etc.
And I liked it..


Hey Turnaround ,

Nice thread !

Here is my equipment list: http://www.wavescapestudios.co.uk/

Scroll down. 

I may be looking to get new gear , love synthesizers (especially hardware ) - anyone tried out the new Roland Jupiter or any other boards they are excited about :) !

btw what are the boards on Kristian's wall at The Location , saw this youtube clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgmuIxF7IYM.

Thanks ,



Hey ,

Still no response ?? Hmmm.

Ok let me start with something. So I get this email from some Artist dude I met at some showcase subject line " Hi From Bri ". He tells me how he wants to do something " really original " combining rock with synths and electro stuff , so I'm like yeah cool let's meet and talk. So we met at Weatherspoons, double whisky for me, get this " Hot chocolate " for him, he tells me how the last time he worked with some rolling stones producer dude who was a violent alcholic(how do you spell this fucking word). So of course this is reassuring, anyway blah blah and we head down to westfield for a coffee and I show him some tracks he likes, starts singing a bit, good sign. We finish the evening at wait for it " Mcdonlads " haha. It was convenient what can I say. He tells me more like has this venue and great plans blah blah. Sure you do Bri ;).

So the latest is this after several emails. He want me " the producer " to join his band whom I've never met and become the keyboard player haha. And not only that but I should also produce on collab !! Yes of course Bri anything else, like you want me to suck your dick as well haha on " collab ".

Anyway I hope "Artists" aren't like this in stockholm. Please do tell. Anyone, Anywhere, Earth to ............ Someone