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Andreas Carlsson - New Website

Started by NIKLAS"NiCkY", November 25, 2007, 04:34:10 PM

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Andreas has a new website really cool... www.andreascarlsson.net

If you can dream it, you can be it.


Cool site, thanks for this, nicky!  :)

Just read the biography, I love this quote concerning Idol:

"We pretty much had something to do with Idol every year, it was a fun race to get that winning song."

Anyone knows which song he wrote for Katy Perry?

We have to keep an eye on these names:

Ace Young and Janet Leon

Janet is signed to Andreas label.

The video intro for Meriola is so great.
And I liked it..


Btw nicky, I put this thread in here and made a whole topic out of it.

This site is just too good!  ;D
And I liked it..



Wiie, videos of Andreas!

Well, this first video is in Swedish, but it might be fun anyway ;) It's from Top Model Sweden, the models are recording a video for a song written by Andreas.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YBfsoZBBb0

This video is from the same house, which apparently belongs to Meriola. It's a video diary of Jasmine when she's at the Meriola Song writing Camp... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5g1y1izzh6A
And by the way malcolm; she's having dinner at East in the beginning.. ;)


Thanks jarle for the explanations. Will check it out.  8)
And I liked it..


Nice to see Andreas he talks about the way denniz pop took him under his arms and gave him the opportunitie to do the things he only could dream of...

The video with Jasmine is really cool the guys att East are Mattias a member of a group called vacuum, a friend to the hole cheiron team and Kalle is of course Kalle Engstöm former Location writer that now are in the meriola team together with andreas carlsson and anders bagge...

Thanks for the videos.. ;)
If you can dream it, you can be it.


Thanks for the videos! :) I just noticed you can download the song Miss Sweden for free at the band's myspace: http://www.myspace.com/swedishamateurs 


I think we can look forward to the new album from Janet Leon. If you look at the picture archive from there, a lot of high profile writers attended. Aldo Nova, John Reid, Jörgen Elofsson etc.

That top-model video also puts things into place as I was wondering why there were a TV crew on some of the pictures.


I love some Aldo songs for Celine especially "A new day has come".
John Reid also wrote wonderful songs with Jörgen, I hope they will work more together again in the future.

Seems Janet has the perfect team behind her I can't wait to hear some of her material.  8)

Welcome to the forum wiik, how did you find us? :)
And I liked it..


cool, I'll look out for Janet Leon

Welcome Wiik!


Thanks guys.

I found this site because I am constantly looking for info where to find new good songs, and most information out there focuses on the artists - not the writers. Actually what I was looking for was really a site like the IMDB but for music, and as far as I know there is none (where you can browse albums by writer etc). Wikipedia is growing and has a lot of info but it is far from complete.

When I saw the pictures with the camera crew I had my hopes up that there would be some kind of TV special documenting the writing camp, but perhaps it was just the silly music video then. To me, it will always be more interesting to find out about how the songwriters came up with the layout of a certain song, then to read about how much Avril Lavigne partied last night. But I guess the media doesn't work that way.

Perhaps I am this way since I myself have a quarter of a foot in the music production industry.


I agree! so much more interesting to read about songwriters and the behind-the-scenes rather than the gossip about the singer. I would like to hear about songwriters come up with their ideas.

How are you involved in the music industry? are you a producer? please share any of your experience if you like.


His website is really stunning! and so is Asideproduction's one... I wish maratone's one could keep up with them... they never update it and it looks really empty! :(
Max likes to remain more anonymous clearly, he doesn't have a myspace, is very discreet in the press and so.


Hey!! I was checking Andreas' website and noticed he has a blog, and he writes on it almost everyday!


Very nice reading, full of cool updates from him, about his daily life and work,he is such a very busy man!!

To read the blog, use google translate: