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Eurovision songs in SE Europe and Suedes

Started by Dagge, February 20, 2022, 10:17:36 AM

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After listening of the Eurovision song pre-contest in SouthEast Europe (Balkans) some of the singers engaged  Swedish composers and producers. After listening those sub-standard songs to my surprise I discovered that swedish 'second league' of authors is equally untalented as Balkans first league. Songs were simply bad.

In my subjective opinion that puts new light into Swedish musical talent fame with stories about 'something is in the water there. Looks like music talent is not that often found in Sweden, contrary to popular belief and that separates Cheiron guys success even more suggesting that it does not have much to do with Sweden. After all at least half of Cheironers are not native Suedes. What is your opinion about topic.

I would add disclaimer, I have no intention to upset swedish friends here, I am a big fan of Sweden. This is just an attempt to try to discover real situation in music there out of enthusiasm. Of course I may be wrong.


I agree. I noticed a lot of producers on Eurovision coming from Sweden made wrong decisions in the pop songs they made, particurarly arrangment wise. 95% of the songs makes odd decisions arrangment wise in the pop songs on eurovision in the last two or three years. It is one of the pillars I focus on every year when judging the songs
Hi, I'm Luke and I'm sitting on my throne! Oh, and have you noticed that Denniz PoP songs are extremely hooky?


Let us hear the songs!

Looks like Eurovision will be fun to watch this year :)


I haven't heard any songs from 2022 yet, but I can tell you that 2021 had the best songs because 2020 had no eurovision, so they had more time to produce good stuff I suppose
Hi, I'm Luke and I'm sitting on my throne! Oh, and have you noticed that Denniz PoP songs are extremely hooky?


The only producers I know that worked in Eurovision are Jimmy Joker and Bilal Hajji, both swedish non natives that worked with RedOne. They've made some catchy songs over the years but mostly when working with RedOne, when they parted ways with him I haven't heard a single good song from them. So... I believe their production skills have always been subpar.


Quote from: j.fco.morales on February 20, 2022, 02:09:29 PM
Let us hear the songs!

Here are the songs (Mia Dimsic was winner)

And here you can discover songs authors, including songs made by Swedes. Use Google translate, or translated
Autor glazbe - composer
Autor teksta - lyrics
Autor obrade skladbe - arr & production