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Jacob Kasher Hindlin? Max Martin/Luke collaborators.

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Anyone know anything about Jacob Kasher Hindlin? He's been credited with writing a few songs with Max Martin/Luke recently.

Seems like Karl Schuster (Shellback) is Max's normal partner at Maratone on standard pop rock projects, but when he works with Dr. Luke, we see another set of standard names, too. It reminds me of the 90's again when we had all of these collaborators at Cherion.

Is this list correct?

Officially  works/signed with Max Martin
Karl Schuster (aka Shellback) 
Alexandra Talomaa

Former Cheiron Member/ Max Martin collaborator
Alexander Kronlund

Collaborator with  Max Martin and/or Shellback
Lukasz Gottwald (Dr. Luke) (and his team)
Sophia Somajo (aka Tiffany Amber)
Savan Kotecha

Officially  works/signed with Dr. Luke
Joshua Coleman (aka Ammo)
Benjamin Levin (aka Benny Blanco) 

Collaborator with Dr. Luke
Mathieu Jomphe (aka Billboard)- (Dubstep sound)
Claude Kelly
Bonnie McKee
Jacob Kasher Hindlin
Kesha Sebert (aka Ke$ha)

I noticed that name Jacob Kasher Hindlin too, but don't know anything about him. Dr Luke has quite a few collaborators.
Thanks for the info re Joshua Coleman/Ammo, I was wondering who Ammo was!

your list looks correct to me

Looking at the booklet, it looks like Billboard, Bonnie McKee, Jacob Kasher, and Billboard are all published through Dr. Luke!

Yeah, it seems dr Luke has accumulated quite a team of songwriters!


Did you see this one allready?



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