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Sabine - Hot N' Cold

Started by *Sabine*, December 07, 2008, 06:39:58 PM

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Here's my version of Hot N' Cold. I'm not so much satisfied with it as I had very little time to do it (this contest on a Britney site) but still, I'll post it, as promised!  ;)



wowww , sabine I'm really surprised , you are a great singer , not jokes , your version hasnt nothing to envy katy version , I think that you sound better even in some parts , cool voice , now I want hear you singing  ''f** me''  ;D

Alex Martin

Sabine vieni ad amici di maria de filippi category singer. :D


Amici, the Italian Idol?? haha
Only if you come with me at the Milano casting!  :P


Edited my first post, new link to the song... ;)


hey, that's great Sabine - it's very professional.


Very good, somebody has a birght future :D


Bright future on the music scene I dunno (should first find producers...  8) ) but thanks guys!! The next shit I'm gonna post is If You Seek Amy! :D


I want to hear If U Seek Amy !!! ;D
are you a professional singer,Sabine?
it would be very cool if you could play guitar too  ;)
and then sing some female pop/rock songs (My Happy Ending is a perfect song to be performed with a guitar like Avril usually did with it :D)

Alex Martin

We have the new celine dion......pardon SABINE DION   ;D


Quote from: Alex Martin on December 09, 2008, 05:43:03 PM
We have the new celine dion......pardon SABINE DION   ;D

haha, great! you have a stage name now Sabine


HAAAA*RUNS AWAY*!! No way!!  :P
I respect Celine very much but no and anyways she's really not my style.

Nshinnosuke, I ain't professional at all unfortunately. I actually play the piano and try to learn the guitar...

Hold on some more days to IUSA! ;)