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Forum members write a Cheiron song together

Started by secski, August 13, 2008, 10:48:44 AM

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Quote from: Joshua on May 07, 2013, 04:46:22 PM
:( My browser really doesn't like zshares for some reason, it's slowing to a crawl every time I visit the link. Is there anywhere else you can upload it? If not we can try e-mail.
Hi thanks......know what you mean --I would've used my SoundCloud, but since they made new version I can't get on there at all for some reason....I'll look for another share site today...if no luck I'll PM you my email.......


I'm down for producer/songwriter.

If we wanna do this, we gotta have a beat and then we can look for good melodies on top of it, then lyrics ect....I can start it off if you guys are down! Then I send the wav files to another producer and he finishes it off.


This sounds like such a fun idea guys! Gotta do it!


It does sound like a fun idea, but this thread is kinda dead.


I'm open to songwriting collaborations!
I want to pitch my tracks: I have melodies for choruses and stuff but I just can't writing lyrics.

Anyone interested, DM.


It sounds like a good idea, but it was posted 4 years ago and nothing has been done yet. We should choose a genre at first, then make a draft with melodies and everything we need to finally tell each one what to do (Write, play any instrument, etc)


Maybe we should start with a chord progression. I can do some production and start the writing from that.


Lets pick what kind of genre, like ...lets make a POLL Voting etc :D

B Steady

Vila i frid Dag


Alright which mod is gonna start/create the poll???

Eddie Krommer

Ok, guys! Let's make it happen this time!

Here's an idea I've been working on. Excuse my lazy and lack-of-time for editing thing, I'll improve it as we advance:


What about a verse like "Can you be my Jesus tonight...?" and all those religious imagery very à la Pretend I'm God by I'm Alive...

It's up to you now  ;D