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"Dar um Jeito (We Will Find a Way)" - World Cup Soundtrack song by Rami Yacoub

Started by turnaround, April 13, 2014, 06:46:24 PM

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Rami, Carl Falk, Nedler, Fogelmark have also been involved in the soundtrack.

QuoteSwedish producer and EDM superstar Avicii will be lending his talents to Brazil for the 2014 Fifa World Cup Anthem. Avicii has been given the privilege to collaborate on the anthem with Carlos Santana, Wyclef Jean, and Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter Alexandre Pires.  The track Dar um Jeito (We Will Find A Way), which was originally produced by Ash Pournouri, Carl Falk, Rami Yacoub and Wyclef Jean and later adding influences from Avicii, Santana, and Pires, will be performed on July 13 at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Closing Ceremony.

Quote"Dar um Jeito (We Will Find a Way)" (The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Anthem)       
Santana and Wyclef Jean featuring Avicii and Alexandre Pires


Rami Yacoub Komponist, Kontrabass, Textdichter, Sänger(in), Produzent (Musik)
Albin Nedler Sänger(in)
Kristoffer Fogelmark Sänger(in)
Carl Falk Komponist, Gitarre, Textdichter, Produzent (Musik)

BTW: Quizlarossi obviously wrote the Adelen song.

Wikipedia site:


And I liked it..


whats up with all these artist trying to make the latest world cup song ?!

how unoriginal..

avicii? pffft.. HAHAHAHAHA!!!
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Album is out tomorrow, the Rami song can be purchased already though.


Full credits:

Santana, Associated Performer, Main Artist, Associated Performer - Wyclef, Associated Performer, Main Artist, Associated Performer - Wyclef Jean, Associated Performer, Composer, Lyricist, Main Artist, Associated Performer, Composer, Lyricist - Avicii, Associated Performer, Featured Artist - Alexandre Pires, Associated Performer, Composer, Featured Artist, Lyricist - Santana & Wyclef feat. Avicii & Alexandre Pires, Associated Performer - Arash Pournouri, Composer, Lyricist, Other - Rami Yacoub, Bass, Composer, Editor, Lyricist, Other, Producer, Recording Engineer - Carl Falk, Composer, Editor, Guitar, Lyricist, Other, Producer, Recording Engineer - Tim Bergling, Composer, Lyricist, Other, Producer - Arnon Woolfson, Composer, Lyricist - Carlos Santana, Guitar - Diogo Vianna, Composer, Lyricist - Batala London, Drums - Nassim Al-Fakir, Trumpet - Albin Nedler - Kristoffer Fogelmark - Ash Pournouri, Producer - Jim Reitzel, Recording Engineer - Josh Connolly, Assistant Engineer - Serban Ghenea, Mixing Engineer - John Haynes, Engineer
And I liked it..


Anyone knows if it's also our Rami who co-wrote another song on that album.


And I liked it..


Quote from: turnaround on May 09, 2014, 07:59:42 PM
Anyone knows if it's also our Rami who co-wrote another song on that album.



Guy's name is Troy Rami.