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Hey guys what happened to this idea?

Im up for it!

yes, i'm totally in! let's resume this project everybody!
people should say what they want to do, like melody, production, lyrics or far as i'm concerned, i love singing and recording myself so... ;)

hey sabine, thats great!

i like singing too, but i dont have a very good voice lol

i'll play the simple keys. :D

my recording setup consists of a simple mbox2 / protools le / roland keys / cheap squire guitar (which i cant play very well) / studio projects C4 / shure SM58 / soundcraft mixer / KRK monitors.

it is a great idea!!

I could only make  catchy melodies , I dont know sing  :'( and I havent experience with any instruments

Hey raul_esp, nice to meet you!

thats no problem! We need all the help we can get! and catchy melodies are very needed!


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