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Ricky Reed Productions Thread

Started by nanofives, March 06, 2022, 02:36:37 AM

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Written by: Camila Cabello, Ed Sheeran, Ceche Alara, Edgar Barrera, Ricky Reed and Scott Harris
Produced by: Edgar Barrera, Cheche Alara, Ricky Reed

It's even catchier than Don't Go Yet, I'm in love with this new tropical era.


Camilo should write something with Camila.


I bet Shawn Mendes got to Camilo because of Camila's latin influences, I think it's very plausible a Collab of Camilo and Camila




The album is out, most songs are written and produced by Ricky Reed, other producers include José Castillo, Tom Peyton, Cheche Alara, Édgar Barrera, Scott Harris and Mike Sabath


I've listened to psychofreak so far and it's a perfectly done pop track with some uniqueness. really love that one 



The synth on this one gives me a lot of Cheiron vibes, specially on the bridge breakdown, both its sound and the chord progression
I'd prefer this instrumental over the original.



Written by Blake Slatkin, Ricky Reed, Larry Price, Malcom McLaren, Lizzo, Ronald Larkins, Stephen Hague, Theron Thomas
Produced by Blake Slatkin and Ricky Reed


Pink - Lizzo

Written by Andrew Wyatt, Ricky Reed, Mark Ronson, Lizzo
Produced by Andrew Wyatt, Mark Ronson, Ricky Reed

Man I Am - Sam Smith

Written by Ricky Reed, Mark Ronson and Sam Smith
Produced by Mark Ronson and Ricky Reed


No Strings - X Ambassadors

Written by X Ambassadors, JKash and Ricky Reed
Produced by X Ambassadors


Nasty - Tinashe

 Written by Tinashe and Ricky Reed
Produced by Ricky Reed and Zack Sekoff


Someone made a mash up between I'm a Slave 4 U and Nasty and sounds cool.